So you’re scouring the internet, looking for more information on a particular type of vehicle. You feel like a newer car has been a long time coming, so now it’s just a question of ‘but what’?

Whatever the reason, you’re now checking your options. Perhaps you decided to stick with the same make of car as your last one, but you’re just looking for a different model. Perhaps you’re feeling so far removed from that maker that you’re considering types of models. But how do you go comparing makes with each other? And when should you consider a different model of car? Should you do one before the other?

Today we’re looking at the reasons why you’d compare makes, models, and how to do that well. Shall we?

Reasons To Compare Makes Of Vehicle

Who made your car? That’s the question you ask when you’re looking to discern the make. Car makers include companies like Suzuki, Honda, and Mazda, among a massive collection of others.

The maker of your car will have an impact on a few overlying factors, and these factors will tend to be consistent over the variety of models they make. For example, Mazda has a reputation for producing cars that score 5-star ANCAP ratings across a variety of models.

We tend to associate the make of a car with other factors, such as up-front cost and cost of repairs (“You bought a BMW? Won’t that be expensive to maintain?”) and general wear patterns (“Yeah, Toyotas just keep running. You’ll have that for ages.”).

Of course, a choice in make is usually influenced by personal taste and experiences, as well as the advice you seek from your contemporaries. And that’s fine – if you’re looking for a car that’s going to be the right fit for your needs though, you may need to be prepared to branch out of your comfort zone, or compare different models if you have a very specific set of needs.

Reasons To Compare Models Of Vehicle

The model of vehicle is the type of vehicle manufactured by a specific company. So, the Swift, the Jazz, and the 2 are all models of vehicle. However, these vehicles are also a certain type of vehicle, referred to as a small car, or hatchback.

The model and type of your desired car is more likely to change based on present factors such as your profession, your environment, your interests and hobbies, and your travel patterns.

So for example, you might work in an office job, have four kids, and play cricket with them on the weekend. If this is you, you’ll need a different type of vehicle to your next door neighbour, who works as a builder and needs a way to carry his tools to and from his current job which is way out in the sticks.

Now, the model of vehicle you compare and consider is also going to be influenced by personal biases and experiences. Perhaps you’ve always preferred the comfort of sedans, or fuel economy of a hatchback. This is okay too, but in the end, if you’re looking for something that fits your needs best, you may need to branch out.

So Which Do I Compare First, Make Or Model?

What are your needs right now for a vehicle? Write them down. Consider things like:

  • Family size
  • Equipment you need to haul on a regular basis
  • Environment you drive in
  • Distance you travel on a regular/irregular basis

(Long haul driving in a small car is hard yakka!)

Now, what are some other things that you have as priorities for your ideal vehicle? Consider factors like:

  • Safety
  • Upfront cost
  • Cost of maintenance & repairs
  • Wear patterns
  • Period of time you expect to need the vehicle for

(Your need for a particular type of vehicle changes as your life circumstance does.)

I’d recommend using these basic criteria to first work out what type of vehicle you’re after. These would be vehicles like the hatchback, sedan, SUV (sports utility vehicle), and MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), among others.

Once you know what type of vehicle you’re looking for, you can search for solutions by make (“what types of sedan do Honda offer?”) or by model (“Okay, so I’ve found listings for a Hilux, a BT-50, and a Triton, but which Ute is the one that suit me best?”). Personally, I find searching by model to be the best method.

What Should I Do Now?

You might be on the hunt for a newer vehicle because of your changing lifestyle, your new location, or because you’re simply looking for a fresher set of wheels. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to map out what you need and want for your car to provide before you can gain a clearer picture of the solution.

Consider your needs and how they’re likely to change over the period of time you expect to have your car for, along with the characteristics you want your car to have as you travel from A to B, enjoying every step of the way.

If you’d like some help exploring the options we can offer you, or if you’d like to talk about the solution you’re settling on, why not give us a call? We’d be happy to help you find the right fit for your needs.